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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Balanced Life THERE'S MORE TO LIFE! written by Dan Burley

A Balanced Life

written by Dan Burley

As much as we want you to look your best and lose weight, there's much more to life than weight loss and body image. It's important to know how to eat properly and to educate yourself in a healthy lifestyle. No doubt you will feel better about yourself as you lose weight and get to your desired weight, but is appearance and image everything?

The person inside your body is most important to develop. That person has feelings, talent, love and an abundance of creative ideas. The person you really are is wrap up in your soul. It's the real you. Your body is the frame or image that people see first.

So you're not Ms. America with a knockout figure. Does that de-value the person inside? Of course not! Living a healthy lifestyle means focusing on the person inside as well as outside.

Strive to be a beautiful person inside and out by taking care of your body which is the temple God gave us. Too much emphasizes on the body is not healthy. If your self worth is wrap up in your weight or what you ate last night, you're destine to be a miserable person. There's more to life than body image and appearance.

It takes work and sacrifice to lose weight but you can enjoy the process by maintaining balance. Set days aside for eating your favorite meal with the family or taking that special person out to eat and don't worry about fat and calories.

Have you ever met an attractive person that you really liked, only to find out later that he or she was a jerk? Like the old saying goes, "beauty is skin deep" so the person inside must grow and develop.

Be thankful for what you have. Do you have a job, house, spouse, car, children, friends, food to eat, nice bed to sleep in, television or credit card? If you have half these things, consider yourself bless because the majority of the world's population would love to trade places with you.

Develop yourself by investing in others. Ask yourself what you can do to help better another personĂ¢€™s life. Develop into the person you want to be by educating yourself and taking care of family and friends. Laugh more, pray more, take more chances in life and above all, realize that God designed us for a special purpose. Our mission in life is to find that special purpose and develop our God-given talents.

Life is more than losing weight and fitting a certain image. So put your life in proper perspective and don't make appearance the main focus. Take care of your mind, soul and body. Seize the moment and take firm hold of the responsibilities placed before you. At the end of your life, God will not ask how many pounds you lost.
Dan Burley is author of http://DietForum.com
and has written hundreds of health and fitness
articles on the Internet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Removing Temptation written by: Dan Burley

Keeping baked goods, chips and other easy to eat, fattening snacks at
home in places where you frequently visit and have easy access will
sabotage your weight loss effort. Remove the temptation if you have a
problem snacking on pastries, chocolate or chips, particularly late at night.

Lunch buffets and office parties can be equally distracting when you're
trying to lose weight. The first 3 to 4 weeks are critical to establishing
good eating habits and little things such as birthday cake at the office
or chocolate bars can destroy your motivation to lose weight.

Remember, weight loss is not an overnight process. It takes weeks to
establish good eating and exercise habits and several more weeks to start
seeing results. Below are a few tricks you can do to REMOVE temptation
so your efforts will pay off.

(1) If family members don't normally eat junk food, DO NOT buy baked
goods, pastry, chips or other high calorie junk food. You can ALWAYS
treat yourself to something sweet and fatty once or twice a week, but
don't keep it around the house.

(2) If family members are not willing to give up their junk food then put
all fatty snacks in a designated place where you seldom visit. The old
saying "Out of sight, out of mind" is very true when it comes to removing
tempting foods from your reach.

(3) If family members eat all the goodies in a short time, DON'T BUY MORE.
Wait until the next scheduled time to go grocery shopping. This will train
family members not to over indulge in junk food because once eaten,
they'll have to wait until the next time you go grocery shopping.

(4) Office parties and celebrations are notorious for getting people off
track from their diet. Usually, you'll know in advance of an upcoming
celebration of cake and ice cream. Remove yourself from the party area.
You can always walk to the opposite end of the office / building for 10 or
15 minutes.

(5) Congratulate your office mate after all the goodies are gone. Explain
why you did not participate in the festivities. They will understand!

(6) Not all fast food restaurants are bad. It depends on what you select.
Grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken and rice bowl, sandwiches
with no cheese and small amount of mayonnaise, fat free or baked chips,
diet soda or water, salads with light dressing are available in most
restaurants. BUFFETS will do you in, so avoid them.

Dan Burley is author of http://DietForum.com
and has written hundreds of health and fitness
articles on the Internet.

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